One Voice

Gavin Carr's Testimonial

Rising Voices sing of the joy of life, the passion of emotion, the warm spirit of coming together in a shared endeavour focussed on beauty, love and hope - all things that a diagnosis of severe illness can put paid to in an instant.
The bravery of the Rising Voices singers lies in their simple refusal to give up their passion, their love and their hope, and conducting them in the Big Sing workshops has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. What an honour to work with the tremendous energy and positive outlook this group engenders!

The steadfast refusal to bow down under the weight of illness is immensely inspiring, and the atmosphere of mutual support and love of life is surely something impossible to over-value. The results of the skilful week-by-week leadership are plain to see: working with this group as a guest conductor each year, I become more and more amazed at what is possible in the hearts and minds of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

The healing of heart and soul is powerful to witness, and love and support generated through the music are quite simply phenomenal.


14th July Rising Voices Choir Gavin Carr Big SIng 2019 Concert