Virtual Choir

Rising Voices Virtual Choir launches on Mondays and Tuesdays at 7pm this week - dont miss it.

What you need to do

- Go to and sign up with them. 

- You will receive an email asking you to activate your account. Click on the big blue button that says Activate your account.

- Download the program.

Please do the above well in advance and if you have any problems contact us:

Sending an email to 

07500 676083

Rising Voices whatsapp 

We have sent an email with the invitation 

You will be able to join the meeting by either clicking on the link or using the Meeting ID and the password.

  •  log-on 10 mins before and mute any participants... (so 6.50 on Monday & Tuesday)
  • Participants will be able to join from that point onwards but will not be able to speak with each other or me.
  • At 7.00 I will unmute everyone and we'll have 5 mins of general chit chat...might be best if we stick to a policy that if an individual wants to speak they put up a hand that only one person speaks at any one time....otherwise noone will hear anything. This will give time for late-comers to log-in.
  • Once we have had our 5-minute chat I will mute everyone and WELCOME. We will then run thro' the warm-up sequence and I'll unmute everyone to check if anyone is experiencing any difficulties (NOT a chit-chat)
  • I'll then turn my computer around so that I can see it while I am playing the piano or a Backing Track and we'll begin singing a song -  suggested songs:

Keep safe and happy singing.