Coronavirus (Covid -19)

In view of the developing national and international concerns over the coronavirus ( Covid-19) pandemic and emerging UK government/Public Health recommendations it is clear we need to suspend Rising Voices Wessex choir rehearsals and events.

For those of you who would like to attend there will be a rehearsal in the New Church tomorrow but following that we will suspend all rehearsals. There will no rehearsals at St Johns from Tuesday 17thMarch. At this stage we do not know for how long rehearsals will be suspended – we shall have to await further national guidance on this. Presently it looks as if we need to plan on no rehearsals until the end of April. Performances will also be suspended: the event at the Yacht Club has been postponed until later this year, for example.

This action is not taken lightly and it is in keeping with decisions made by other local choirs –we have a duty to reduce each individual’s risk of infection and also we recognise that the majority of Rising Voices Wessex members are in a high risk group for complications of the Covid infection.

We shall aim to keep you up to date over the next few weeks through the website and e-mails – in the meantime please keep practising your songs at home!

Alastair Smith

Trustee Chairman

15th March 2020