Terms of Reference

Aim of the project

  • Rising Voices Wessex Choirs were established to offer singing in a choir as means to help people affected by cancer recover their wellbeing, confidence and self-esteem - aiding rehabilitation. 
  • As a project to identify the impact of music and choral singing on the wellbeing of people affected by cancer. 
  • As local community choirs to enable people affected by cancer to enjoy the benefits singing can offer and to share these in empathetic setting.
  • As a project to identify the impact of music and choral singing on the wellbeing of people affected  by cancer.
  • To link with to equivalent choir projects elsewhere in the UK.
  • To link with other rehabilitation projects in Dorset and be part of a regional portfolio of such facilities.

Membership of the choir

  • The choir membership comprises of people affected by cancer such as those recovering from treatment, carers, those bereaved through cancer or health professionals interested in music and singing for therapeutic purposes and as enjoyment.
  • Rising Voices Wessex has seven Trustees who accept overall responsibility for the governance and direction of the choirs; they are elected at the AGM for a term of office.
  • Week by week running of the choirs is through the operational Steering Group – that consists almost exclusively of members; this group reports to the Board of Trustees.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Trustees are responsible for: 

  • overall strategic management of the choirs,
  • governance of the choirs,
  • promoting Rising Voices Wessex to the community and informing health care providers of its work,
  • accounts and overall funding,
  • ensuring availability of appropriate support to enable the choir to run,
  • identification and provision of appropriate accommodation for choir rehearsals,
  • engaging the Choir Director and any other person or persons to ensure that the rehearsals and performances are delivered,
  • health and safety of its choir members whilst at rehearsals and performances, o protecting the confidentiality of members and compliance with data protection legislation.
  • protecting the confidentiality of members and compliance with data protection legislation

Together with the Trustees the Operational Steering Group will ensure that the choir: 

  • has adequate resources to deliver the weekly rehearsals,
  • remains in budget,
  • is promoted appropriately through local and social media,
  • is accessible and able to recruit new members,
  • has appropriate venues for events and performances,
  • members are kept informed by maintaining the data base ,website and other social media such as Facebook and Twitter,
  • protects the confidentiality of members and complies with data protection legislation. 

Frequency of Meetings

  • The Rising Voices Wessex choirs meet regularly every Monday and Tuesday night for before rehearsals.
  • Any amendments or cancellations of these rehearsal times will be notified to the members in advance at a previous rehearsal and via email/phone/social media.
  • A quorate of Trustees will meet for a minimum of 4 meetings per year.
  • The Operational Steering groups will meet monthly, on the last Monday or Tuesday of the month, unless it is a bank holiday when other arrangements will be made.

​Reporting Arrangements

  • Minutes of the operational steering group will be circulated within one week of the meeting to the Trustees and operational steering group members.
  • A copy of the operational steering group minutes will be made available on the website – in the members section.
  • A copy of all the minutes of the operational steering group will be retained by the vice chair and administrator of the group for further reference.
  • An annual report will be made available to the members on request and via the website.
  • The annual report will contain details of the choirs activity during the year and the budget and any appropriate audits.

Quorate at meetings

The meetings will be deemed quorate if there are three or more Trustees present at Trustees meetings or half or more members of the operational steering group.

These terms of reference were revied and agreed on 10th November 2017
Chairperson Dr Alastair Smith

Next review date following the AGM in May 2018​