Rising Voices Grievance Policy and Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that, as far as possible, disputes or the escalation of any dispute may be avoided.

Occasionally a member or group of members or individuals engaged by Rising Voices Wessex may disagree, or feel aggrieved by a decision that has been taken on their behalf by the Trustees or the steering group or by the actions of another choir member.

When a grievance is raised it can often be resolved to the member’s satisfaction in its early stages through constructive dialogue.

The following grievance procedure is therefore in place so that should a dispute arise, it can be properly and fairly dealt with.

Stage 1. Where a member has a concern they should in the first instance discuss it with a Trustee or member of the steering group, who may be able to reassure the member, resolve the issue, or get advice and report back to the member within 2 weeks.

Stage 2. Where the matter is unresolved or the concern relates to the Steering group collectively or individually or there are reasons for the Steering group not to be the appropriate forum to address the grievance, the aggrieved individual should bring the grievance to the attention of either the Chair or Vice-chair of the

Trustees in writing - who will seek to respond in writing within 2 weeks of receipt.

Stage 3. If the matter remains unresolved and the member is not satisfied they shall have the right to be heard by the Trustees accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.

Where a member or individual ignores or disregards the procedure outlined above this may, depending on the circumstances, be deemed as an example of behaviour which is likely to bring Rising Voices Wessex into disrepute and the member or individual may be requested to terminate their association with Rising Voices Wessex following review of the issue by the Trustees and a majority decision by the Trustees.

The Trustees may unanimously and for good reason terminate the membership of any individual or member organisation (Rising Voices Wessex Constitution Clause 4.5) and this should be confirmed in writing to the individual or organization concerned.

Stage 4. If the matter remains unresolved after following this process and the member is not satisfied with the outcome final recourse is via the Constitution which allows members to request an Extraordinary General Meeting.